The Perfect Chill Vibes Playlist


 I’m slightly obsessed with finding new artists and recommending music to people, so this playlist I’ve created has been molded over quite a stretch of time. If you’re looking for some lovely rainy day music, a way to calm down (also check out my ‘click for calm’ tab above), or just some new chill music to listen to, then these are my recommendations!
 As a songwriter, I’m always obsessive over how well a song is written, the lyrics or the mood it sets. Most of these songs are my favourites because they have absolutely gorgeous lyrics (definitely quotable for your deep insta posts).

 I’ve made the playlist on my Spotify, which you can get to by clicking here, but the two songs I’ve marked aren’t available on Spotify unfortunately, though do still look them up (you’ll find them on YouTube) as they are infinitely beautiful.

The Playlist

  • The Wisp Sings - Winter Aid
  • Cherry Wine - Hozier
  • Midnight - Kodaline
  • Fall - Ed Sheeran
  • What It Is - Kodaline
  • This - Ed Sheeran
  • I Wouldn’t Mind - He Is We (not available on Spotify - click here to listen)
  • I’ll Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie
  • Re: Stacks - Bon Iver
  • Moon River - The Innocence Mission
  • She Is Love - Parachute
  • Drift - Kim Janssen
  • Like Real People Do - Hozier
  • I Was Made For Loving You - Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran
  • Lonely - Benny Tipene
  • Moving On - Kodaline
  • Even My Dad Does Sometimes - Ed Sheeran
  • Alone By Heart - Clara van Wel
  • Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson
  • Story Of John - Jamie McDell
  • Novels - Rusty Clanton (not available on Spotify, click here, I recommend this duet version)
  • Morning - Rhodes
  • Black Flies  - Ben Howard
  • Bones - Ben Howard

 Some of these artists listed have many many songs perfect for this mood, such as Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, Rusty Clanton, Kodaline. So if you’re looking to find more songs in this setting, definitely check those out.
 Another thing I highly recommend if you use Spotify, is the playlist called ‘Most Beautiful Songs In The World’. It’s where I found some of these, and it’s a mix of songs like these with lyrics, and some classical as well. The whole playlist sets such a great vibe, totally check it out.  Alternatively, if you prefer only the contemporary songs (with lyrics), the Spotify playlist ‘Acoustic Morning’ is all chill, acoustic versions of pop songs. 

 You can find ‘Most Beautiful Songs In The World’ playlist here.
 And the ‘Acoustic Morning’ playlist here.

I hope you guys totally dig the songs, let me know if I introduced you to anything new!

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